Rivet Wars Scenario Editor


What is Rivet Wars?

Rivet Wars is the fast-paced minature boardgame set in an alternative First World War. Primarily a strategy game, each player deploys units to conquor strategic objectives and counter their opponent's moves.

What is this site?

This site is home to the Rivet Wars Scenario Editor. It also hosts community scenarios, rules and action cards. View the downloads page to see what's on offer!

I get an error "Cannot create folder...." when I try and unpack the zip on Windows7

If you get this error, have go extracting the contents of the zip to your Desktop and then manually copying the files where you want them to go.

I've loaded Tiled, but I can't seem to paint anything!

Make sure you have the Brush Tool selected and have Tile selected. Also make sure that "Show Grid" is enabled. This will show you the canvas you can draw on. Tiled seems to remember this setting and it's very helpful!

Help, how do I unpack the Editor?

The download is a ZIP file: RivetWars_Editor_March2014.zip. You'll need some application in order to unpack it. Depending on what OS you're using, the steps will be slightly different. If you're using Windows you should be able to right click the file and "Open With" "Windows Explorer". There's a button: "Extract all files" near the top. If you press this it will ask you to specify a folder to unpack/extract it. Remember where you extract it, we'll need that in a bit. I'm going to assume you've extracted it to C:\RivetWars_Editor_March2014\. Inside that directory there will be some newly created folders inside it.
From Tiled: You can File-->Open-->Select the folder: C:\RivetWars_Editor_Match2014\RivetWars_Editor\ and select the file: Template_RivetWars_Easter_3x3_Large.tmx That should be enought to get you started.