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Latest File: The Tankken Laboratory Coup!
FileDescriptionUpload Date
AllStats.pdfAll of the Rivet Wars Stats Cards, ready for printing!December 12 2014
RW_Ruska_Core_Cards.pdfRuska stats - duplicated from River Wars Facebook.February 12 2021
HesWatchingYou.pngHe's watching youSeptember 22 2014
WarRoomFinal.pngWar RoomSeptember 22 2014
WeCanDoIt.pngWe Can Do ItSeptember 22 2014
giveembothbarrels.pngGive Them Both BarrelsSeptember 22 2014
rivetslikeyou.pngRivets Like YouSeptember 22 2014
warbonds.pngWar BondsSeptember 22 2014
TheTankkenLaboratoryCoup.pdfThe workers of the Tankken Laboratory are forced to work in terrible conditions. They alone control the production of chemical weapons for the entire Blightun Empire. It has taken many months for the workers to persuade the Independent Allied States to provide them with munitions. Today, rather than arrive with their punch-cards, the workers unite to punch a hole in the Blightun war effort. September 27 2014