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Lt Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios Welcomes You!

Welcome to my page! I want to take a second to thank tehill.net for all that you do! This is a fantastic website!

Now, let me introduce myself. I am a steampunk who fell in love with Rivet Wars at Templecon 2014. I have been trying to ensure that the game stays alive and active ever since.
I have worked on many things that could help you enjoy Rivet Wars to its fullest extent. Here you may find Scenarios I have made, the free printable Houses, and more to help bring your Rivet Wars experience to life!

Feel free to check out my Facebook Page for Landship Scorpios Mishaps!
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Custom Cards
Action Cards
Action Cards.zipAll Action Cards (Aug 2014)September 21 2014
action_card_battleofLostAngel.pngThose aren't stars, those are hundreds of explosions.October 02 2014
action_card_bouncingBetty.pngDeploy a 'Bouncing Betty'September 21 2014
action_card_croxdeguerre.pngThe anti-anti Action card...September 21 2014
action_card_duck.pngIt's important to keep your head down to avoid danger!October 02 2014
action_card_evenTheOdds.pngYou need some help against the large force? Let's even the odds!October 21 2014
action_card_faultyCanister.pngSometimes the biggest fault is the production of weapons, not their use.October 21 2014
action_card_faultyMask.pngNot all Masks are created equalSeptember 22 2014
action_card_freehealthc.pngNeed to get more men to the front!September 21 2014
action_card_gasMine.pngLet there be GAS!September 21 2014
action_card_grenada.pngBoy, sure wish we had some grenades right about now...September 22 2014
action_card_heavyMine.pngBury these in your lines. However, only the largest of war machines can set them offOctober 21 2014
action_card_keepDown.pngKeep your heads down. It's the best way to stay alive!October 21 2014
action_card_landshipscorpios.pngYeah, had to work in my steampunk stuff.September 22 2014
action_card_lightningStrike.pngLittle bit of LIGHTNING!September 21 2014
action_card_lingeringGas.pngBlight need a buff? Try some gas.September 22 2014
action_card_oppsIMT.pngThose darn plugsSeptember 22 2014
action_card_playdead.pngHelp spawn them infantrySeptember 22 2014
action_card_poorBarrels.pngNot all artillery attacks reach their targetsSeptember 22 2014
action_card_reationCard.pngCheap? Or is this just the card you need?October 21 2014
action_card_sniper.pngSniper!September 22 2014
action_card_stretcher.pngWhen you are getting hit hardSeptember 22 2014
action_card_telephone.pngWant to play a game of Telephone? I do...October 21 2014
action_card_turncoat.pngTurn your enemy's infantry against them!September 22 2014
action_card_warhorse.pngyou thought parman was bad?September 22 2014
Secret Mission Cards
collection(1).zipRandom Collection of CardsSeptember 21 2014
collection(2).zipAnother Random Collection of CardsSeptember 21 2014
secretmission_bigGuns_1.pngLet the Artillery Roll! Support your troops!October 21 2014
secretmission_card-mentor_1.pngGet rewarded for performing well under a buff.October 21 2014
secretmission_cardPtruearmy_1.pngShow the might of your faction, have a true army on the board!October 21 2014
secretmission_card_badday2dice_1.pngHave a friend who is bad at rolling?September 21 2014
secretmission_card_ballsofsteel_1.pngLet's use those minefields!September 22 2014
secretmission_card_buffup.pngdo you like to buff out?September 22 2014
secretmission_card_call2arms_1.pngTake the fight to the enemy!September 21 2014
secretmission_card_chaingang.pngmake use of those chain attacksSeptember 22 2014
secretmission_card_feelinglucky.pngAkip a deployment, get a VP.September 22 2014
secretmission_card_followmylead.pngUse those heroes! September 22 2014
secretmission_card_fowlPlay.pngreally good at planning your cards?September 21 2014
secretmission_card_ironwalljack_1.pngBlight Wall! Woo-Hoo!!!September 22 2014
secretmission_card_letsSeeResults_1.pngIf you show some results, you'll get more fundingOctober 21 2014
secretmission_card_oncemore.pngKeep on taking objectives!September 22 2014
secretmission_card_onmymark.pngSkip a movement phase, get a prize!September 22 2014
secretmission_card_pancake_1.pngFlat Grid Attacks are great. Just great.September 22 2014
secretmission_card_protectThisFlag.pngHold this objective... with everything we've got!!October 21 2014
secretmission_card_pull.pngYou know you wanna try this anyway. Why not be rewarded?September 22 2014
secretmission_card_rambo.pngOne man... alone... everything on his shoulders.September 22 2014
secretmission_card_rawhide_1.pngGet 'em up! Ride 'em in!October 21 2014
secretmission_card_regroup_1.pngThings are getting tough. You need some luck.October 21 2014
secretmission_card_regroup_2.pngThey get worse? You need a leg up!October 21 2014
secretmission_card_rollOut.pngLet's make tracks! Get rewarded for moving alot!October 21 2014
secretmission_card_safePlace.pngSafety First, you know!October 21 2014
secretmission_card_secsecur.pngTake this objective! And do it at all cost!October 21 2014
secretmission_card_stonewalljack_1.pngHold your lines, get a prize!September 22 2014
secretmission_card_valkyire_1.pngLet's take a ride. HAHA, wow... the puns...October 21 2014
secretmission_card_wholeNewWorld.pngGround Plugs take to the sky! If you want to...October 21 2014
Rivet Homes
houseTemplate_A_neutral.gifNeutral House(1)- A brick house for basic needsSeptember 19 2014
houseTemplate_B_neutral.gifNeutral Interior(1)- Give a basic interiorSeptember 19 2014
houseTemplate_B_neutral_bunker_1.gifNeutral Interior(3)- Bunker InteriorSeptember 19 2014
houseTemplate_B_neutral_objective_1.gifNeutral Interior(2)- Strategic ObjectiveSeptember 19 2014
houseTemplate_A_fatherland_2.gifFatherland House(1)- A Delightful look at Blightun CountrysideSeptember 19 2014
houseTemplate_B_fatherland_1.gifFatherland Interior(1)- A splendid parlorSeptember 19 2014
houseTemplate_B_fatherland_2.gifFatherland Interior(II)- A splendid parlorSeptember 19 2014
houseTemplate_A_homefront_1.gifHomefront House(1)- Suburban HouseSeptember 19 2014
houseTemplate_B_homefront_1.gifHomefront Interior(1)- Warm HomeSeptember 19 2014
houseTemplate_B_homefront_2.gifHomefront Interior(2)- Small Town ValuesSeptember 19 2014
Demolition.docTwo Sides, One Bomb, Minutes to win itSeptember 19 2014
TopSecret.pdfNo SOs, only Secret Missions and HeroesSeptember 19 2014
bunkerHill.docCountless men will die taking this hill!September 19 2014
countCristoph.docThe Allies are in for a fight when they attack this mansionSeptember 19 2014
islandFight.docA Hot Fight over an islandMarch 27 2015
kesselRun.docYa, bad references aside, this could be a great gametype for you Demolition fans!September 27 2014
marchOnCapital.docThe Allied forces are marching on the Blightun Capital!October 03 2014
maximumMoral.docCapture that Flag!September 19 2014
mercenaryMercy.docDash into no man's land for some extra help!February 13 2015
mortarMayhem.docThe Allies have heavy Artillery. The Blight Don't Like it.March 27 2015
romanRoad.docOne Road to lead them all!September 19 2014
thisIsMyTown.docThe Blight are invading an Allied Town. If you want more use out of your Rivet Houses, this'll do!October 03 2014
yaah.docSpecial Scenario Written for YAAH! MagazineJanuary 28 2015
yaah2.docSpecial Scenario Written for YAAH! MagazineJanuary 28 2015